Yukon Legislature Building.
Yukon Government photo
Yukon Legislature Building.
Yukon Government photo
Alice McGuire and Grafton Njootli, the first members of the Legislative Assembly of aboriginal ancestry, were part of the 24th Legislature, elected in 1978. L-R, front row: Clerk of the Assembly Patrick Michael, Dan Lang, Geoffrey Lattin, Al Falle, Tony Penikett, Meg McCall, Alice McGuire, Doug Graham; L-R, back row: Howard Tracey, Grafton Njootli, Don Taylor, Chris Pearson, Maurice Byblow, Peter Hanson, Jack Hibberd, Robert Fleming, Iain MacKay. Seated: Interim Commissioner Frank Fingland.
Yukon Archives, Yukon Public Affairs, 81/18 f.7 #27
Hilda Watson and Norm Chamberlist were the first elected members to sit on the Executive Committee. L-R: Clive Tanner, Hilda Watson, Norm Chamberlist, Commissioner James Smith, DIAND Minister Jean Chrétien, Don Taylor, Ron Rivett, Mike Stutter, circa 1971.
Yukon Archives, Whitehorse Star Ltd. fonds, 82/563 f.145 #40

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The Legislature Speaks: Voices from the Yukon Archives vault: 1961-2001 website is a joint project of the Yukon Archives and the Yukon Legislative Assembly. It presents audio clips, biographies and photographs of members of the Yukon Legislative Assembly, and its predecessor the Yukon Council, from the years 1961 to 2001.

This website started out initially as a pilot project to digitize some of the reel-to-reel recordings of the Yukon Legislative Assembly (YLA) held in the Yukon Archives as a way to determine the historical value and condition of recordings which date from 1961 to 2001. A summer student was hired to review the written debates, proceedings and Hansard to select interesting sound clips for each elected member and Commissioner from 1961 to 2001. This turned out to be more difficult than first imagined because in the early years the session discussions were summarized by the Clerk and not verbatim. This meant that the written record was not identical to what we would find on the audio tapes. Also, unfortunately, due to gaps in the audio tape holdings, we could not always locate a sound clip for every member of the YLA. In these cases a sound clip was used, with permission, from the audio holdings of CBC Yukon held at the Yukon Archives. In a few cases, no sound clips were found at all.

The photographs of the members came from the holdings of the Yukon Archives and the Yukon Government Photography Unit. In some cases the only image we could locate of certain members was to select their head and shoulders from a group photograph. If you have a better photograph of any of the members in this website, we would be happy to replace the one mounted here. Please contact the Yukon Archives at the email address listed below.

The biographical summaries about the members were taken from the recently published history of the Yukon Legislative Assembly by Linda Johnson entitled, With the people who live here: the history of the Yukon Legislature, 1909 – 1961.


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Andrea Shillolo (summer student 2009); Lesley Buchan (2008–2011); Daintry Chapple (2010-2011); Linda Johnson (2009-2011)

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Anne Coates, Lesley Buchan and Daintry Chapple

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The rest of the staff at the Yukon Archives for providing advice and assistance. CBC Yukon for allowing a selection of their sound clips to be used in this website. The Yukon Archives is grateful to the generosity of all donors who make archival materials available for the education and access of all. Yukon Archives invites comments about this virtual exhibit. Email with comments to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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